Sprigs and tips

Sharing tips on my food and cooking.


Buy fresh, seasonal and local.

Eating seasonal means you get the freshest (and cheapest) produce there is. A lot of resources will show you what to look out for just look at the cheaper products on the shelf. Shopping locally at your weekend markets will not only help your community and local farmer but also give you bigger, better, cheaper produce. Take a wander!


Convenience eating is what discourages a lot of healthy eating. If you know how to store food better, you’ll find you’re more likely to cook and eat better. Again, loads of resources online to help.

Get the basics right

When cooking and preparing, getting the basics right will help make cooking easier. Use a sharp knife, watch a youtube video onΒ how to cut an onion and look up top chef tips.

Spices and herbs

Stock your cupboards with spices and always have fresh herbs (store properly or freshly grown) to hand. They go with almost any dish and add the next level to your cooking.


Try new foods, attempt new cooking techniques, find your favourite blogs/recipes and enjoy the food you eat.


Start sharing your food through social media. It helps keep you on track and searching for new ideas.


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