– About –

Amateur foodie posting quick, everyday meals that I’m cooking. This blog is to share my food and hopefully find new recipes, new blogs, new food and tips for myself. Posting each week, leave a comment if you want more info or just read on.
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– Food relationships –


We eat everyday and our relationship with food is what defines our choices. It’s not easy to change your relationship with food but if you do, you’ll feel the benefits. Here’s how I did it.

– My Story –

Basically, I went vegetarian for a month. As difficult as I thought it would be, I actually discovered so much about other foods. It became less about cutting out meat and more about learning, finding recipes, trying new spices and using seasonal foods. It all boiled down to starting with good produce and getting the basics in cooking right. Understanding how to store food, raw and cooked, and attempting your own recipes can make it fun. How many times do you avoid a recipe because you don’t like an ingredient or don’t have it in? Replace it or leave it out, if it doesn’t work, at least you tried. I starting posting on Instagram which led to a call for a blog for more info. Take a look around and enjoy your food!

– My Food –

I always cook vegetarian (or accidentally vegan) but will eat meat when I’m eating out. It helps me make better choices about the food I eat and I’ve see the term Flexitarian thrown around. A lot of inspiration came from the flexitarian blog I’ve linked up. I’d say avoid processed foods, buy seasonal and fresh produce and make time to cook.

– Blog –
All images are my own. Pictures taken with iPhone 6S.