Beetroot & Sweet Potato Lentil bake

– Green lentil, sweet potato and beetroot bake –

Sundays are for baking and prep for the week. Spend a couple of hours in the kitchen trying new foods and recipes.

Lentils are a cheap filler so cooking them up is a great way to get keep yourself full. I really disagree with calorie counting and not feeding your body when it’s telling you it needs food. Eating healthy foods is a long term solution whereas trying a diet is expensive and short term. Change your habits and start cooking more.

Recipe: Curried up some green lentils with garlic, onion, ginger, cumin and tumeric. Added some cider vinegar, topped with sliced sweet potato and sliced beetroot that I’d tossed in salt and oil and baked for ages. So good and made lunch for a couple days. Love beetroot and a tough one to beet!


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