Kale crisps

– Kale crisps –

Favourite snack!
Another simple food idea either before a meal or in the evening.

How to cook it: full bag of kale in a bowl and add a small amount of olive oil and a fair bit of salt. Move it all around to coat and spread it on to a baking tray. Put in a hot oven until it looks too black (can vary depending on how much you’ve used). Don’t worry, the longer you leave it, the crunchier they get.

Once out of the oven, leave to cool. Sprinkle with chilli flakes, a touch more salt and balsamic vinegar. If you feel adventurous add some of your favourite chopped herbs for flavour, I prefer basil.

It’s a basic process and canΒ be done with any veg to intensify flavour. Same as the sweet potato fries. Using a bowl first helps to evenly coat the leaves. Before you know it you’re through a full bag but you’re full. Beats a bag of potato crisps!



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